Waste Transportation and Utilization

AVFALL Solutions provides clients with world-class certified waste bins and containers meeting international standards for the collection, transportation and disposal of all types of waste.

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We offer transportation and disposal of the following types of waste:

  • Office and Household waste

  • Food waste

  • Construction waste

  • Plastic waste

  • Wood and Wood Chips waste

  • Tire waste

  • Metal waste

  • Paper and Cardboard waste

  • Medical Waste

  • Hazardous waste

  • Chemical waste

  • Oily Materials Waste

  • Paint containers and Paint waste

  • Oily Waters waste

  • Oil Waste

  • Sewage

  • Drilling Mud

  • Other types of waste

Quality Assurance

AVFALL Solutions guarantees that the waste received from the customers will be fully utilized without contamination of any other area and with zero harm to the environment.

Waste received from our clients is sent to the appropriate landfills for the further disposal, incineration and burial in accordance with the requirements of local legislation.