Founded in 2013, AVFALL Solutions has become one of the country's leading waste management services provider over the years.

Our Activities

Our activity field includes the placement of special waste containers for all types of waste in the work areas of our clients, the timely decontamination, transportation and utilization of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

AVFALL Solutions offers its customers the best of efficient solutions in accordance with the latest industry standards for waste management in offshore and onshore, oil and gas, energy and other industries, achieved through its networks, operating areas and professional staff. Our quality indicators have made it possible for us to work with oil and gas and non-oil giants such as BOS Shelf, Saipem, Total, JOCAP, LV-Shipping and COMPASS International on a variety of projects.

Why AVFALL Solutions?

Professional, experienced and dedicated team

Availability of a Central Waste Accumulation Area allowing to implement major operations

Competitive price without compromising on quality

Stability and a loan term that can be extended up to 45-60 calendar days


Collection and disposal of waste from client areas

Provision of equipment for different types of waste according to client requirements. Disposal of existing sludge and waste at clients' areas.

Decontamination of waste

Decontamination of appropriate skips, oily waste containers, tire boxes, battery boxes and medical waste.

Waste transportation and utilization

Transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste to the approved and licensed facilities with the further utilization.

Provision of equipment and professional staff

Supply of staff and equipment required to provide safe and professional waste management services within client facilities.

Tank cleaning operations

Wide range of tank cleaning operations services

Decontamination of pests

Pest decontamination services (office areas, port booths and workshops).

Consulting services

Consulting services related to the Environmental Management System (14001: 2007 assessment, Eco Passport preparation and assessment, ENVID process).